log tyre pressure/temp in Racechrono ?

Now there are different tire pressure gauges for Android, it would be ideal if Race Chrono could pair with them and display tire temperature / pressure in the race chrono and even log.

Here is two of them:




  • I can certainly see the use for these, but is there public APIs available for any of these?
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    It is funny, I was just looking into something like this.....I said, I wonder if anyone here had anything working yet?....and there is already a thread....

    Does anyone know what kind of data these put out?

    From reading the fobo web page, it seems they need to be "registered" in their app or something. But I wonder if they are using some kind of special protocol, or are they just streaming serial data?

    For 100 bucks, it is a little over my threshold for getting one for fun to mess around with....
  • I think I should just ask for the hardware and the API :)
  • I just exchanged a few emails with Fobo.....at the very least I don't think that it will work for me....as they require Bluetooth 4.0, which my DroidX does not support....:(...I don't think?....Unless the OS changes that (could fix that with a new phone...)?

    Long story short, they didn't seem to keen on sharing....but maybe you might have better luck since you are RaceChrono....and I am just a loony toon..:)
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    I ordered the TP630 set (mainly because of the smaller size of the outer sensors) mentioned here https://raspberrypi.stackexchange.com/questions/76959/how-to-decode-tpms-sensor-data-through-rpi3-bluetooth

    I'll let you know after I get the set. Reverse engineering them shouldn't be much work.

  • Reviving an old thread - so info stays in one place.

    Any updates on BT TPMS support? Sensors are now easily sub $100 and would be a great addition to RC.

  • @aol Any updates on this? I'm going to be purchasing some sensors this year and thought. Hey it would be great to have this log in Racechrono.
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    The ones I purchased did not correspond to the product images, and were very large. Decided against installing them, and therefore creating the support. I may try again, if you find a quality set and link it here.
  • I've been looking at the FOBO 2


    The previous poster had inquired about what you need in order to get it working and you said the hardware and API. Is that still the case?

    I've requested the API (not holding my breath) and if I can get it then I would buy the hardware.

    If I could get you the API is that something that is easy to add to racechrono?

    The module isn't necessarily the smallest (uses CR1632's). So on that front maybe you're looking for something smaller? Or an internal sensor?
  • Just looking for light enough not to require balancing the wheel. I'd be running them on a bike so it's more sensitive than a car. API would be great but often it's simple to reverse engineer them... but that requires some time.
  • Those are 7.6g pretty light but no idea really if that will make a difference.

    I'll be changing to slicks early this season and rebalancing anyways so not a huge concern.

    Wanna buy some and reverse engineer them :p

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    @aol on this note, how would you go about reverse engineering the sensors if I was to purchase a set? I believe this would be outside my ability, however, I have some programmer and app developer friends that might be able to help me do it if I know what to ask them to provide the information you need.
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    Hi, for my temp monitor I used 6 x Melexis MLX90614ESF-ACF-000-SP.
    I used an Arduino Nano, a HC-06 Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver and a small dispaly.
    I'm able to connect to Racechrono and synchronize with GPS data.
    I can share some session if you like.

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    @Michael86 it would be basically using a Bluetooth LE monitor app to monitor the characteristics, and see which byte changes when pressure and/or temperature changes. I use the Nordic Semiconductor's app.

    Also if temperatures are enough, there's always RejsaRubber: https://github.com/MagnusThome/RejsaRubberTrac
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    @aol I'd really like pressures as well. What's the name of the app? In the app store there are lots of apps by Nordic semiconductor

  • @Michael86 I think it's called nRF Connect.
  • @aol thanks! I just purchased some Blu technology internal sensors to test out. They come with an app and i'm hoping to use nRF Connect to determine the settings.

    Any chance you have some materials that you could share which would indicate the first steps to doing this using the app?

  • You will get hits from Google with following key words:
    - Reverse engineering Bluetooth LE
    - Reverse engineering IoT

    This is pretty elaborate with Wireshark step and all:
  • @aol Thank you!!!! That link is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for!

    Also, RejsaRubber looks great! Im going to check distances on my bike for placement and plan on doing that. It's more about the fun of collecting data for me then anything else. But I love it.

    Can't wait to start reverse engineering the sensors!

  • Notice that you might not need the wireshark step. A pressure sensor is propably read-only, so you should be able to do it by just monitoring with the nRF connect. Just expose the sensor to different pressures and see which byte changes.
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    @aol good point! I'll definitely keep the process incase I do a Bluetooth bulb etc at some point for other projects. It's a great write up!

  • Yep, it's very elaborate tutorial to reverse engineer anything :)
  • This would be a truly great feature, has there been any further progress?

  • Not yet on my end. I purchased my sensor just at the beginning of COVID expecting the US border to open but it's been closed so my sensor has been sitting at the mail forwarder waiting for me to grab it. The US / Canada border is set to open so I should be able to look into this over the winter though!
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