Longitudinal Acceleration G in Trackvision

I've made several videos with Racechrono and Trackvision which has been great but one thing that's always bugged me is the G Circle in Trackvision moving forward on acceleration and moving backwards on deceleration. I've been waiting for an updated Trackvision that is supposed to allow you to change that but I've been waiting a long time and wanted to know if there's a way to edit the RC .properties file to do this ?


  • I think it might be easiest to edit the CSV file in excel. Should be possible to add a new column with the longitudinal acceleration flipped to negative. Then just move the column header to the new column. And then save as .CSV again. Didn't try it, just a theory.
  • Hi AOL,

    Thanks for the response. Any idea of how to do the above? I'm no expert in Excel and I've been looking into it but haven't found a way as yet.

    Also do you know when it you'll have the update to be able to select groups of laps ?
  • Try to make a new column that is =-($C5) where C is the letter of another column (replace this with the column letter of longitudinal acceleration column), and the 5 is the row number of the first line (replace that too). Then just copy paste the formula to every row until the end of file (you can do it at once by selecting the whole column). The row numbers should be automatically incremented.

    Then you need to copy paste the column header of the original column, to the new one, so TrackVision will read the new one instead. And remove the header from the original one.

    In RaceChrono you can mark those laps invalid that you don't want to export. Separate laps selecting for exporting is probably not coming in near future, as I'm really busy with some new features and and porting to other platforms. We are working on web portal where we might have more elaborate export functionality, for example this ability to choose group of laps.
  • Right after I posted my last post I found out how to do it. New column with a -1 in it, copy, then special paste to Long Acc column. Only thing is that the G-Circle works well but the Throttle/Brake gauge is reversed. I think Trackvision need to update their software allowing G-Circle editing.
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