Import from PerformanceBox track data to RaceChrono track data

Hello everyone.
I am from South Korea.
I used Performance Box for 2 years. But as you know P-Box has a limitation
for external data. I usualy go track once a month(from april to october).
I need more data aqusition for anlyizing in depth.

Unfortunately there is no Nokia phone in South Korea.
It's very hard to get Nokia here.
I bought the phone(nokia n95) from ebay U.K. last week(not received yet).
And I bought OBDKEY and 818X gps.
I plan to build racechrono data aqusition system during winter.

I have a track data getting from Performance Box.
How can I convert P-Box track data to Racechrono data?

If I send or upload the track data, can you convert them?

Happy to know this nice software and meet you all.


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    Sure, I can help you. Send the Performance Box track files to me to tracks(at), and a one recorded session per track (performance box format is just fine). This way I can also verify the tracks and add them to our track library. Remember to compress the files (.rar or .zip).
  • Thank you for your kindness.
    I'll edit my data and send to you.

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