Live streaming data

This idea might seem a bit far-fetched, but maybe not hard to accomplish.

I'm wanting to use a laptop server in the paddock, and have a small boosted signal from GPS-Receiver>RaceChrono orPhone>(broadcasting device)>Laptop. My idea is to have this data measured from RaceChrono and output through my phone to the laptop for live timing/streaming. Getting video streamed from the bike might be a bit too much bandwidth, but I'll settle with lap timing data.

I have a friend who's a network guru who is also interested in this.

However, I do not see anything in the PDF with any option remotely close to this.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  • There's plans to do something like this, but currently does not exist.
  • I'm interested too, any news about this ?
  • No news right now, still a great idea and I need to try to deliver it...
  • It seems to be good to livestream with Facebook or Youtube.
    I'm agree with this idea, too.
  • is this still in the works? would be amazing!
  • I've used to send video and GPS data back to a laptop for onboard video with a speed overlay. I used it as part of a live stream with trackside cameras.

  • Is it possible to export data at regular intervals? so I can read data and stream them remotely... thanks
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