is possible to customize test performance?

Hi to all..
i'm from italy! i ask you if is possible to change speed of performance test...

for exemple in stock performance i have 80-120kph..

can i create an 60-160kph??




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    Yes but only on the computer. Export as a CSV and import this into Excel. Copy the speed data for the run you want into another spreadsheet and then calculate the start and finish points of your choice. It takes a minute or two but you can graph many runs to compare the data. I did this for some 30-60 runs and got 4 really good, close runs (2.9s).

    Edit:- Just found out that if you download the performance b0x program then it does all this for you!
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    i don't understand...

    i export how csv and open with exel but now??

    how i can calculate an 100 120 in second???




    x=5x20/42.6 x=2.34

    it is true?

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    Firstly calculate the start point. To do this you calculate the range of the 2 values either side of the start speed and then the gap from the start speed to the next value. Then calculate the fraction of the range from the start speed from the next value. As your using a 1Hz system this fraction is the time. Set the time stamp for the next value to this time.

    Set the next time box to the above +1 and fill down.

    You use the same method to calculate the finish time. Find the values either side of the finish speed and calculate the range, then the gap from the lower speed to the finish speed. Again, find the fraction and this is your time to add. Add this time to that of the speed just below the finish speed and there's your answer.

    When I'm not on my phone I'll calculate it for you and write the numbers out. It'll be just under 5s looking at the figures.

    The Performance box stuff does this all for you but I like to know where it all comes from too...
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    Original data

    Time...... km/h
    72081..... 79.82
    72082..... 88.9
    72083..... 97.23
    72084..... 105.56
    72085..... 114.27
    72086..... 122.42

    Start Point

    Range = 88.9-79.82 = 9.08 km/h
    From 80km/h = 88.9-80 = 8.90 km/h
    Fraction = 8.9/9.08 = 0.98
    Time = 0.98x1 = 0.98 s

    Finish Point

    Range = 122.42-114.27 = 8.15 km/h
    To 120km/h = 120-114.27 = 5.73 km/h
    Fraction = 5.73/8.15 = 0.70
    Time = 0.70x1 = 0.70 s


    Time...... km/h
    0.00....... 80
    0.98....... 88.9
    1.98....... 97.23
    2.98....... 105.56
    3.98....... 114.27
    4.68....... 120

    80-120km/h = 4.68 s

    HTH AndyC
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    i get the same result so=

    122.42 - 79.82 = 42.60

    120 - 80= 40

    42.60 : 5 = 40 : x

    x = 4.69

    is wrong?
  • Yeah, that is fine, there will be a small error as you ahve assumed constant acceleration between the 2 points and then calculated the fraction for the run you are interested in whereas I have calculated start and finish points. The small error in this case is .01s so nothing to worry about! LOL

    With my method you can plot the velocity profile and thus compare it for different runs. This is especially useful for 0-60mph runs or 1/4 miles as you can compare the gear shift time data (at 5Hz anyway). You can also compare runs to identify gains from modifications (such as I did recently with an Audi S4).
  • ok thanks!!!
    but for you when a new version of racechrono will resolve this prolem (no custom)?
  • Simoxmino, yeah this feature has been too long on my to-do list. But I can't promise when I can start on it as Windows Mobile version is taking all my time right now.
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    thanks aol...but insert a 60-160 please..hihihi..

    Can you help me please?
    how i delet run n°5 in this screenshot??

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    Currently not possible to delete runs, sorry. Can you send me the NMEA data (in \RaceChrono\Sessions\*-nmea.txt on the memory card) for this session to tracks(at), please? The body of the file name is the time and date when the session was started. I will try to fix the bug :)
  • yes, no problem, give me your email.. if you resolve the problem in my file can re-send me the file correct? so i overwrite my file with the file correct...
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