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Selecting Audio Tracks

Hi, I have a video with picture in picture, is there a way to select the audio track of track 2 to be the main one for the whole export?


  • Currently no. I have thought about doing this, but you're first to ask. Do you have some specific reason you want this, or just better sound quality on the PIP camera?
  • I recorded with 2 gopros. A hero 5 on the front and a hero 4 on the rear. The 4 is the only one with the capabilities to use an external mic which I was using.

    So the audio from hero 4 is excellent and the front facing one is pretty bad.

    I'm having issues with exporting as well. I can't export with picture in picture but I compressed the 2nd track down to 720p.

    I am using a Samsung s5 to export. In the logs it just says general failure.
  • aolaol
    edited February 2017

    Ok I guess that's good use for the second audio track. I'll put to my TODO to make it configurable.

    Does it work or fail with the compressed second video? Often there's trouble with the compressed videos as the compressors often make it incompatible with RaceChrono. RaceChrono's hardware transcoder only accepts H.264/AAR codecs with .mp4 or .mov container.

    So right after the failure, dig the log file from /Android/data/ .app)/files/logs/video_export_log.txt, and send the log to tracks(at)
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