Silverstone GP circuit - VSCC Pomeroy Trophy 2017

My best lap from the speed session:

I also had a second camera and wondered how to sync them both, and how to choose which video output goes on any exported files?


  • First, in the video list, each of the file has a number at bottom right corner. This number is the "video channel" number of the file. Have it 1 on one camera and 2 for the other camera. Now when export a lap, and you can choose Video channel and PIP video channel.
  • Ah yes, I see what you mean. Here's one with a rear-facing camera as PIP.

    Would be great to be able to switch the channels around mid-video so that you could see a car coming into view ahead, then as you pass it, disappearing into the distance behind. But then I suppose a more involved video edit would be required, and it might be best to do this sort of editing in a dedicated program.
  • Maybe generate two or more videos with RaceChrono, then put them both to video editor and change cameras as you like. Should be easily synchronised if you create the both videos with exact same settings otherwise.
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