Problem with DIY-RaceDac, old smartphone and new Racechrono

i use the new Racechrono v5.0.4 and a Samsung S3 mini. Before roughly one year (older Racechrono version) the datalogging with GPS (818XT, 5 Hz) and a DIY-RaceDAC (50 Hz) worked perfect. Now the GPS logging still works, but the RaceDAC logging stops after a few minutes or sometimes seconds. With a new smartphone (Samsung A5 2016) everything works fine. When i'am trying an other new low budget smartphone (Wiko Sunny), i have the same problem like with the S3 mini.

Do you a idea?

Best regards, Jakob


  • aolaol
    edited March 2017
    No idea, but you can debug it like this: Turn on Settings > Expert settings > Save device data. Record a session, and continue recording until the same problem arises. There should be a .nmea file in your latest session folder. Now open the file, and inspect the end of the file. Can you see valid $RC sentences there, with proper timestamps etc? If you do see correct $RC sentences, and think this is a bug in RaceChrono, please email the .nmea file to tracks(at) and I will investigate further.
  • Thanks, i will try it at the weekend :)
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