Overlay for 360 video

I've used the overlay feature for "flat" videos many times and I've recently purchased a 360 camera.
It would be great if it was possible to overlay lap timer info onto the 360 video.

(I know this couldn't be done the same way as currently as you are rendering a new video.)

I don't even know if YouTube supports some kind of multi-layered video (e.g. transparent timer video on top of 360 video)?


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    Unfortunately I haven't investigated this at all so far. It probably will be a feature at some point when the 360 cameras get more popular. If it's relatively easy, such as rendering a "transparent" video somehow, then it could be done sooner of course.

    What you can do right now is to convert videos from your 360 camera to normal 120-180 degree video, and then link those files to your sessions.
  • Hi Antti,
    Yes it would be nice to render out a transparent video to use as a overlay later.
    Best regards Marc
  • Hi, h.264 does not support transparency in pixels, so only way to do it would be ”green screen”, but even then the gauge background alpha does not work...
  • HI, would this be possible with H.265? Rendering the overlay without having to edit in the app would be great
  • h.265 does not help. I guess it would need to be separate alpha video, and rgb video, but not sure if that's possible (easily) to setup in popular video editors.
  • Hi,
    an png imageSequence should work.
  • @sima79 thank you for the tip!
  • @sima79 mind explaining on the png imageSequence?
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