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dear all,

i have this "brightness" issue while i was using the front cam of my iphone for track video. Exposure feature was turned on, however, I could not get a good video as per attached link:

if you have any solution, pls let me know.

Many Thanks


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    What do you mean "Exposure feature was turned on"? If you mean you enabled exposure lock, then the exposure was locked for too dark, and the track portion burned. You need to lock the exposure to the daylight to prevent that. Before starting driving, you could point the camera to the bright daylight, so that the windscreen is almost full frame, and press the "Lock exposure" button (the square icon with -/+). Only then move the camera to the actual location.

    Doing this would lock the exposure to the bright daylight instead of the dark interior. Problem with this is that if there's dark portions on the track they would then be very dark.

    What I'd do would be move the camera forwards to reduce the amount of the interior in the frame, so you can still use the auto-exposure (default camera mode when starting session). Or buy a GoPro and turn on the "Spot meter" feature.
  • Thanks AOL.
    I will try out your suggestion. The reason why Im not using my GoPro is because I want review the video almost immediately after each session. I would not be able to do that if I'm using GoPro as I will need to "linked video" etc.
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    Try it, and also mount your GoPro to shoot videos with both. Best option would be to mount your phone near the windscreen, and GoPro where your iPhone is now. This way you can have "publishing quality" video as well as quick review video. Remember the "Spot meter" setting.
  • Thanks. I will when I have the chance.
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