Extract rcz file

Hi! I exported the rcz files from my LapTimer phone, that's mounted on my bike at the racetrack. Now the bike and the phone is in my garage, no wlan there.
I'd like to use the exported files in circuit tools, but this doesn't work with the rcz files.
Is there a way to extract or convert the files to a format that matches circuit tools?

Thanx in advance!
Best! Pat


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    Hi Pat, export them as .VBO files (directly from RaceChrono), then you can open in Circuit Tools. The .RCZ is internal format, so not really supported by others.
  • Ok, thanx for the Info.
    One more Question. I got the free Racechrono Version on an Android device on my bike. At home, i only got an Ipad, so i got to buy the full Version for the Ipad. Does the Data Transfer from free Android Version to Full IOS Version work, to work with it at the bigger Screen of the IPad and do igot then the full data on the Ipad?
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    Sure, same .RCZ files open both in the iOS version and the Android versions.
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