RaceChrono 5 IOS + Fitbit alta HR

Did anyone tried RaceChrono IOS with any fitbit tracker?
I'm choosing my tracker and i'd like it to broadcast data to my racechrono.


  • Currently heart rate from activity trackers is not supported, but it maybe a future development.
  • Thanks for the answer!
    What about this one:
    specs say:
    "HR Broadcast (broadcasts HR data over ANT+™ to paired devices)"
    If this is not working either which protocol Racechrono is expecting to receive the data??
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    RaceChrono expects HR data over Bluetooth LE (a.k.a Bluetooth Smart). I think I'd need to do a HealthKit integration to support the fitness trackers (and Apple Watch), unless you can find one that transmits HR over BLE.
  • Clear!
    Apparently the only fitness tracker able to transmit HR over BLE is the Mio Slice.
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