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How to configure track for motocross?

I'm using RaceChrono for motocross and like it very much.
There is one problem for me. Typcally, motocross race starts off the track. We start, make a turn to get to the track and then do laps.
But, the finish line quite often is right after the first turn. So if I just set "Start/Finish" line I will have a small "lap" from the actual starting place to that finish line.
What I want is to have some way to mark, that some laps should be merged into one. I would merge first and second laps to get one correct first lap.
Maybe there is some other way to solve this?


  • My suggestion is to have Start/Finish line on the Finish line only, and disregard the actual start line. This way you will get timed laps for full laps only. You can still export videos with the actual start by adjusting the export start time by fixed amount of time. For instance if the "small lap" is usually 10 seconds, then just adjust the export start by 20 seconds and your video will include the start too.
  • What I want in result is to have all lap times counted accurate, including the part from the start line.
    Right now, I have to either totally ignore the initial part of the race, but have correct number of laps in the log. Or have this small lap in the beginning and have all other laps moved +1.
  • aolaol
    edited May 2017
    If you only have the start/finish line, then the small lap would not cause the +1. The "small lap" portion would not show up as a lap or part of a lap, but you could still analyse it in graphs ("Route" button), and export it in video (by advancing the export start manually by n seconds). I'm afraid I cannot give you better solution at the moment.
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