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USB camera support for Android?

Hello aol. First of all let me thank you for the great software, I'm enjoing it since 2010 (on Win Mobile those days) during russian ice and snow racing events.

I do have an idea how to improve RC Pro version. These days the number of Android based car audio devices increasing, especially with the great help from our Chineese friends. I also purchased such device (2 DIN, as a replacemet for original Subaru car audio) for myself, it has all typical Android (6.0.1) smartphone functionality (even three USB OTG ports) except... build-in camera.

I've already tested RС Pro on this device and it works perfect together with Qstarz 10Hz BT GPS and ELM27 OBD Adapter - everything like on my Xiaomi, but with 7'' screen firmly installed inside the car dashboard.

Would you mind to check if this is possible to add USB camera support for RC Pro? I checked a number of USB cameras - it's possible to watch and record the video using special software (like this one:

If it's not too difficult to implement I guess it can be a good improvement for Race Chrono application.

Thank you,


  • Hi, I agree those are interesting, but most people buy action cameras instead, so that's where most of my development effort is too. I think it would be the natural route for you too...

    That said, if USB-cameras turn out to be very easy (or alternatively fun to do) addition, then I might do it anyways. Any suggestions on the cameras?
  • Thank you. Speaking about camera models - I have no particular model in mind but it should definetelу be UVC compliant Full HD (as most of modern USB cameras).

    Here is the one of many topics on StackOveflow (with code samples) about it:
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