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Laptime errors

I have racechrono on a HTC One Mini + qstarz bt-q1000xt for 10hz logging.
Over the last few race meets I have been getting major incorrect timing. Circuit laptimer (AMB 260) results can show that I am up to 2s faster than the recorded time. This can vary and its not always incorrect.
I thought this could not really happen if you are using the GPS timestamps.


  • aolaol
    edited July 2017
    It can happen. Even when the GPS time is very accurate, the lap time accuracy depends on the position accuracy too. If the trajectories recorded are very bad, meaning weak GPS signal and/or bad receiver or antenna, you can experience a error like that. You'll notice the trajectories recorded does not render accurately to the track map at all for the laps that have such big error.

    Normal accuracy with carefully placed receiver should be less than +-0.1s.

    I recommend installing the device to dashboard (car), helmet (kart) or tail section (bike), and maybe look for a better receiver, such as Garmin GLO.
  • I always have my receiver up front in the nose, nothing above it.
    Ile check the trajectories and see how they are.
    Ile look at the garmin unit too.
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