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Polaroid XS100 / S7 Edge No audio help

Hi all trying to get to the bottom of lack of audio when linking video from my Polaroid XS100 to sessions on my S7 Edge. I've tried converting the files using VLC but still no luck with audio when the final file is exported. Any help would be appreciated.


  • Most likely phone doesn't support the audio codec that your camera uses.

    If you send me a short video clip recorded by your camera (untouched, original from the camera), I can take a look why audio fails, and I will give you FFmpeg command line to transcode it so that it works on your Samsung phone.

    Share the clip to tracks(at) . If it's more than 10 MB please share it through some file sharing site, and make it publicly available through that shared link.

  • Thanks aol for the fantastic support. The problem was the codec of the audio. When transcoded to AAC format it worked just fine and hardware encoding on the phone worked, which reduced times significantly.
  • Which format was the audio originally? I'm guessing PCM...
  • It was MP3 format.
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