XGPS150 with RaceChrono on iOS


Can anyone confirm if RaceChrono works with the Dual XGPS150?

I've seen plenty of discussion about the later 160 version but nothing on the 150.



  • It's supported but RaceChrono does not change it to 5 Hz, so it runs 1 Hz. Now that I remember it, I'll add it to my TO-DO list...
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    FIY @slurms, you can change the update rate of Dual XGPS150A to 5 Hz using the Dual's "XGPS status tool" app in iOS.

    There's slight incompatibility in current RaceChrono for iOS version 5.1.1, so the 1 Hz mode is actually 0.3 Hz. The 5 Hz mode runs just fine. This will be fixed in 5.1.2.

    Dual XGPS150A and RaceChrono for Android version 5.1.1 runs fine in 1 Hz mode, but there seems to be no way to change it to 5 Hz mode.
  • for whatever it's worth, I did not have good luck with the 150 even on 5hz mode (really it was 4hz). Location accuracy was just not that great. Garmin GLO is significantly better for me
  • Track lines for the xgps 150a were not great for me. Some laps seemed to be off track un a couple of corners. It may be the acuracy of the device. GPS FW and app updated until last Nov 2020. Definitively best to try better options.
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