No audio on exported .mp4 file

Hi there,

I've recently upgraded to RaceChrono Pro and am using it for the first time.

I've managed to export my overlaid .mp4 file however once this is done there is no audio. When I play the video back in app via linked videos it all works fine (video playing, audio playing and overlay present.)

Any ideas on why my exported clip has no audio sound at all?

Racechrono 5.1.0
Android 7.0
Phone Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920I

Thank you!


  • Did you record the video using internal camera or some external action cam?
  • I used an external camera (go pro). Thanks for your quick reply.
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    Important thing with GoPro is to use the raw video files from the memory card, and not to process it with the GoPro software. The GoPro software might make the video files incompatible with the hardware accelerated export in RaceChrono which requires h.264 video with AAC audio.

    Other option is to turn off the "Hardware acceleration" option in RaceChrono's export setup form, then the audio _should_ work.
  • I turned "Hardware acceleration" off and got sound in export queue but when i share it with whatsapp, sound dissapears. Confused.

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    That sounds like audio codec issue, too. There's some cameras that use PCM audio that is not supported by Android hardware. It may be supported by some video players. It's also supported by RaceChrono's software codec used in export.
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