custom storage settings: can't recognize folders in external sd (Android 7.x only)

Hi aol,
Before reporting the bug, I appreciate you to add 'combined acceleration' feature on Racechrono! :D

Today I found 'custom storage settings' doesn't work properly in Android version 7.x, the setting in Android 5.0.1 (galaxy s4) works fine though.

In 7.x, when I set the custom folder as external SD's movie paht (~~/DCIM/Movie), it doesn't show 'Custom storage' in the video link menu, but it only shows 'External storage' which is default path in external SD (~~/

Weird thing is that if I set the custom folder as external storage path (~~/, it shows Custom folder and External storage both.

Would you please check what the problem is?

Thank you.


  • Hi @ppanda, I've added a TO-DO item to try to fix it. Which phone are you using? It might work differently depending on the phone.
  • i've tested several devices :
    1) galaxy S4 lte-a : works fine
    2) galaxy Note8 : doesn't work
    3) galaxy tap s3 : doesn't work (I wish it works in this device ^------^)
    4) lg gpad 8.3 : doesn't work, tested on other OS ver, like 7.x, 6.x, but all of them doesn't work
    5) Dell 5175 with remix OS(7.x) : doesn't work
  • Ok, thanks for info
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    Hi @aol
    I wonder there will be a fix for the issue above.

    I realized that the fastest way to use video files is like..
    1) recording a session and videos with auto sync function between Gopro and Racechrono
    2) after recording a session, connect to Gopro for receiving the name of video files
    3) move the sdcard from Gopro to the android device, Racechrono automatically play video files which sync is already matched.
    (I know there's wifi-download function, but it takes long time)
    4) now I can analysis my sessions with videos like plug-and-play!

    But there's a big problem. Racechrono doesn't detact raw video folder but external storage in some environments : galaxy S5 / galaxy Note8 / galaxy Tap S3 ...etc (OS is higher than 6.X)

    Could you please fix this issue for real Plug&Play function?

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    The next version is v6.1 and it will have the "Custom storage" expert setting removed. There's unfortunately no way to make it work, as the new Android versions have introduced more and more app sandboxing.

    Instead there will be a file picker in the import feature, that will allow users to copy video files from external drives to RaceChrono's raw video folder.

    This allows you to do following (notice this is for upcoming v6.1 only, not the current versions):
    1) Connect GoPro with USB-C to USB-C cable to your phone
    2) Open RaceChrono's import screen
    3) Select 'File brower'
    4) Select the video file under GoPro
    5) Wait until the file has been processed
    6) Select data type 'Raw videos files only'
    7) Press 'Start'.
    8) RaceChrono will import the files from the GoPro to RaceChrono's raw video folder
    9) You can now use the video files for your sessions
  • Thx for your reply!

    but I hope "Custom storage" expert setting remains at the next version of Racechrono, for Android devices which have lower OS vers.
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    Yes, I can keep it for Android 5.0 and older. That said these old Android versions will not be supported forever by new versions of RaceChrono, so eventually this will go away completely.
  • an idea popped up. is it possible that you set several famous external paths, like "/DCIM/100GOPRO" and "/DCIM/Movie/"? As you already set "/Android/data/" folder as a default folder.
  • Unfortunately these paths are no longer accessable in new Androids. Not worth adding just for some older Androids.

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