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custom storage settings: can't recognize folders in external sd (Android 7.x only)

Hi aol,
Before reporting the bug, I appreciate you to add 'combined acceleration' feature on Racechrono! :D

Today I found 'custom storage settings' doesn't work properly in Android version 7.x, the setting in Android 5.0.1 (galaxy s4) works fine though.

In 7.x, when I set the custom folder as external SD's movie paht (~~/DCIM/Movie), it doesn't show 'Custom storage' in the video link menu, but it only shows 'External storage' which is default path in external SD (~~/

Weird thing is that if I set the custom folder as external storage path (~~/, it shows Custom folder and External storage both.

Would you please check what the problem is?

Thank you.


  • Hi @ppanda, I've added a TO-DO item to try to fix it. Which phone are you using? It might work differently depending on the phone.
  • i've tested several devices :
    1) galaxy S4 lte-a : works fine
    2) galaxy Note8 : doesn't work
    3) galaxy tap s3 : doesn't work (I wish it works in this device ^------^)
    4) lg gpad 8.3 : doesn't work, tested on other OS ver, like 7.x, 6.x, but all of them doesn't work
    5) Dell 5175 with remix OS(7.x) : doesn't work
  • Ok, thanks for info
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