1) Because i race with a kart and have no money to buy Alfano telemtery :), i want use my old NOKIA 3230 to take timelaps and speed. But it is difficult to set the new tracks where i race. Is it possibile to "import" tracks from Lat and Long coordinates to set start/finish and traps of my favourite kart tracks? They Are "Pista Italia" in Castelvolturno, and "Kartodromo Casaluce" in Casaluce, both in Caserta (italy). I can attach the Google maps links. Then i will update them in download section

Castelvolturno 41.016916,13.974025
Casaluce 41.015119,14.195817

2) is there a PDF complete version of the manual insted of web version?

Many Thanks

Roberto Serpico


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    i downloaded a .bin file but it seems to be encrypted

    Can you create a .bin file with these coordinates:

    Casaluce start/finish: 41.014287, 14.196050
    Casaluce split 41.015566,14.195841

    Castelvolturno start/finish : 41.016924,13.974009
    Castelvolturno split: 41.016685, 13.973665

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    1) Sorry, the Google Maps satellite photos are usually not accurate enough to set the traps, so you might end up with a track that does not work. Please go run a session first, and then add traps to the logged route (select the position in Traveled Route view).

    2) No PDF version yet, but I'm planning to do it.
  • Is there a way when moving trap in browse traps mode that you can speed up trap movement the longer a button is held? you know so for a large track it doesn't go at a snails pace? (I know I can open trap properties and edit the coordinates but that takes some time too) Just thinking of usability.
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    Hi Dima, yeah I'll look in to that in the next version! I know there must be quite annoying usability issues out there, so just bring them up and I'll put them to my to-do lists.

    BTW: If you are using a touchscreen phone, you can drag the map while moving. If you have keyboard only, then it's slow as heck :)
  • I live in Sweden and Mantorp is my hometrack. The track on your site is Mantorp long, but there is only a short version of the tracks. After half of the dragster strip it turn 90 degrees right and then direct 90 degrees right again and out on the start/finish. How can i create this track? Can i modify the Mantorp long?
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    Hi Kotten, you can edit the long track:

    1) download the Mantorp long track through "Track profiles > Options > Download new".
    2) Open the track in "Track profiles"
    3) Change the name to "Mantorp short" or something...
    4) Switch "lock traps" to "disabled"
    5) Run a session with this track
    6) Go to "Browse traps" and just delete the traps you do not need, and possibly modify one of the traps to "Start/Finish" if you just deleted the old start line.
    7) You can also add new traps by moving in the "Traveled route" and then "Options > Add trap"
    8) Upload the track to me for track library :)
  • nice, thanks. next trackday is 12-may. I will try to do this then.
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