Video frame rate option

Hei Antti,
could RaceChrono allow the user to choose from available frame rates when recording with the internal camera?
For example, many smartphones support 4K or FullHD recording at 60 fps and more - however, to me, using a camera app in parallel to RaceChrono on the same device does not seem like a good fit to purpose.



  • Problem is not many Android phones support 60 fps recording through the public APIs. I have several phones and I have not been succeeding to record 60 fps unfortunately on any of those. Haven't tried couple of latest ones, but yeah... On iPhone this is not a problem, so it is already supported RaceChrono Pro for iOS.
  • Oh, I thought using CONTROL_AE_AVAILABLE_TARGET_FPS_RANGES would be all there is to it. I understood this is down to vendor-specific implementation, again?

    At least for the OnePlus 3 I could offer testing for you - so much for current phones. ;-)
    Additionally, I could arrange the same using a OnePlus 6 as well as a Huawei P20. Just reach out to me if you're interested.

    Switching to an iPhone is not really an option for me, even though I got a 5S idling around for experiments.
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    I have OnePlus 5 and it's the only phone I've been able to increase FPS rate through the public API, but only to about 45 fps, not 60 fps. I will try again on Samsung S9 etc. But believe me I've spend a lot of time on this so far.
  • Any update on this? Has the camera API changed?

  • @kaliberr44 Haven't had the time to investigate this again. I need to remember to do it.
  • i just purchased racechrono pro to use the samsung galaxy s7's internal camera for video as it is high def and 60fps. i am disappointed if the RC pro software only supports 30fps - 30fps is not great for motorsports. any updates on this topic? i'd be willing to beta test.
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