Custom PIDs

I've read that custom PIDs is a new feature already requested and that need to be planned.
I opened this new discussion to have a centralised point of entry for this subject and because, me too, I need this feature to read my custom CAN channels.
There is any update after the comments on October 2017?

Thank you in advance
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  • Custom OBD-II PIDs; logic work is done, need user interface etc.
    Raw CAN-BUS; very hard to make reliable with current ELM327 readers, so will need another way to extract the data. Or a reader that works reliably...
  • @aol
    when do you anticipate the user interface for custom obd2 pids to be released? the ability to log brake pressure and steering angle would help immensely. thanks
  • I think I can safely promise that it will be in beta (Android) in autumn.
  • it's now autumn :smile:
  • nvm, autumn comes 09/22
  • Yep, and when does it end? :)
  • any news on this? Thanks
  • The feature would have been ready mid winter, so I post boned it to v6.0 that's due out this spring. It's mostly done, so it's waiting other features in this version to complete.
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