QStarz818XT - 10Hz vs 5Hz with DGPS and AGPS

So, I have a big event coming up this weekend, and I'd like to try to solve an "issue."

In past sessions, I've noticed some "satellite drift." I'd like to try to minimize this, so I figured I'd download the AGPS data. (Note: I now know that this won't help with drift.) The issue is, this only works on 5Hz...not 10Hz. I also noticed that the DGPS option also only works with 5Hz. (Note: I believe that this is the feature that will help minimize drift.)

Has anyone tested one configuration versus the other? I should have done this myself before this event...but I didn't. :(


  • Specifically, I guess I'm looking for the answer to these questions:
    - Will DGPS eliminate/minimize the satellite drift?
    - Is the 5Hz as good as 10Hz? Technically, it should be half as good. LOL
  • DGPS will help a lot. 5 Hz with DGPS is more desirable than 10 Hz without DGPS.

    PS. I think Garmin GLO would have solved these issues anyways...
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