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Video with overlays!!!

Hi all, might just be me but how do you get the video with overlay as a normal file?!?! Everything is just links to the chrono app vid, I want the overlaid video to be able to edit, cut, audio edit etc. Cant find the exported overlaid video anywhere, just loading up my phone data!


  • Hi, at the moment the overlay cannot be exported as stand-alone. This is because the overlay heavily uses alpha channel, and the normal video format do not support alpha. There has been some ideas for the format, but I'd like to hear from you if you know how to solve that issue?
  • @EvilR1Clown At first read I thought you meant how to export an overlay video without the actual video frame in background.

    But now when I re-read, I realise you mean you just want the exported video file. You can either share the video file from Export queue screen to Google Drive, DropBox etc, or dig the file from /Android/data/ . The path is valid for either internal and external storage, depending which you selected upon export.
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