Correcting standing start laps

I do quite a few sprints and hillclimbs, which are timed from a standing start. Using the 'standing start area' trap on the track layout usually works fine, but for a couple of recent laps it started timing the lap from me just moving up the queue to the start line. Is there a way to adjust the start of the timed lap? I can't move the start line...


  • Currently there's no way to correct the standing start. I think the problem isn't moving up the queue alone, but rather moving up the queue, and then not being detected the actual start... Can you send me sessions where this happens, maybe the algorithm could be fine tuned? Send .rcz shares to tracks(at)
  • Thanks, I will send the session file and see if you can spot what's going on. The only difference I can think of from other standing start events is that we were queueing quite close to the start with a short interval between cars, and I had a fairly large radius for the standing start area defined. If I reduce the size of the area, some of the laps don't get detected at all.
  • I was recently at a circuit where we used a standing start and a finish line for counting laps. If I move the standing start point, can I recalculate the lap times? I was thinking that I could get the GPS coordinates from the GPS tracking file and put that into the (coordinates property) for the standing start.
  • Yeah, if you move or change the size of the standing start area it will use the recorded data and recalculate, and show any laps that would have been started in the new area's location.
  • At least it as the advantage of being saved so you can use the corrected traps for the net time you run that same track.
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