Carista Supported OBD?


Does Carista is supported?



  • Hi @ExoPerformance , I have ordered the Carista reader and I will investigate if it's easy to support.
  • I see the added support in the last update - thanks for that @aol.

    quick question on the performance/reliability of the carista.
    I've a old ebay elm327 that is unreliable and slow. good enough to read fault codes, but not much else and i've been looking at a replacement. The OBDLink LX/MX are fast but expensive. Carista looks like a good middle ground but they don't seem to give any performance info of the adapter like PID/sec.
    How well does the Carista adapter work for a few overlay options like speed, rpm, a few temperature streams? I've in mind 2 fast channels, and 2-4 slow channel streams
  • aolaol
    edited October 2018
    Bluetooth LE readers are generally slower that the traditional Bluetooth RFCOMM readers, but upside is that they work with iOS too. Carista, Tonwon and Kiwi 3 are all Bluetooth LE readers. You should be able to get around 15-20 PID/sec with all of them, while LX/MX is able to do 40-50 PID/sec, but only if your car ECU is fast enough.

    If I remember, I can give you some real work figures soon.
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