Rename RaceDac Analog Channels

I'm using Racechrono Pro together with RaceDac datalogger. I would like to rename some of the RaceDac channels (Analog1, Analog2, Analog3....) as long as I'm using Racechrono as my own dashboard.

Is it possible to change in RC or should it be renamed on Racedac?

On the other hand, I would like to swap between lap timer screen and data (rpm, gear, water temp....) with a push button on my handlebar linked to a blueetooth button similar to the ones used on the selfie sticks.

Do you think it can be possible? I can't put my hand over the screen while I'm riding....

Thanks in advance!



  • Currently not possible to change the names. There is big changes coming regarding the channels, but exact details are still undecided. I will investigate the button possibility.
  • Hi,
    How are the name changes progressing, as I too would like to rename the analog channels?
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    There will be big changes for the "DIY" devices in next major version. Exact details are yet to be decided, so cannot tell more :)
  • Any news on this subject? I checked it on the latest versions but can't find how to do it, if it's possible.
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    Nope. But I am planning to create new protocol message format, that would include the channel configuration. Also I am planning to do "math channels" that would allow you derive new channels from existing ones. It would not exactly be renaming, but it could be used to achieve same result.
  • @aol_of_RaceChrono that would be great, some kind of more flexible protocol with the ability to specify channel names, since RC3 is really simple, and you can't rename it and have to remember the Analog channel Index.

    I would be happy with smth like this:
    -> sending this message through the channel on initialization phase:
    $RC3-HEADER,"time","count",,,,,,"BrakePressure (bar)", "SteeringAngle (deg)",,,,,*Checksum
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