Errorneous "Not data from OBD-II" message in RaceChrono v1.10 for Symbian

1. first, i have an obdkey - can i always leave it plugged in? i see the blue light flashing, even when the car is off.

2. i successfully connected to and retrieved some data points as i noted before, as well as made a video with rpm. but... right now my blackberry storm can see/connect to obdkey. so can the nokia 6120 classic i've been using. however, when i start logging in racechrono, it says it gets no data from the obd. i now just have primary rpm and secondary as throttle % and it still is saying it gets no data. i unpaired the device then re-paired it in bluetooth screens but it is still doing this. :(


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    1. Sometimes you might need to unplug it as it "hangs" and you get no data.

    2. Did you try to unplug / replug it? If you were able to retrieve data earlier, this suggests to me that there is something wrong with the configuration. Or the OBDkey has hanged...
  • i've done that several times in my car. i have not tried another car yet. do you know if there are any other free programs for s60 (or blackberry) that would connect to obdkey and try to pull data?

    by trying another car i can see if it is my car or not. without another program or phone it will be hard to tell if the phone/program/obdkey is to blame. i don't have a good way of testing the health of obdkey.

    actually this laptop i'm typing on has bluetooth, haven't tried it with anything ever - so do you have a windows program you could recommend to try and pull data? is there an xp version of racechrono?
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    Well you could try to use a terminal connection to the device from your laptop. The windows Hyper Terminal supports only COM ports, so you need to configure the device with a COM port first. It is a bit tricky and sorry for not providing step by step instructions.

    When the connection is made you should see a > as prompt. Then you can write commands followed by enter. Try ATZ first which should return OK. Then try 0100, it should return numbers. NO DATA means the device has hanged.
  • i installed bluetooth stuff for my lappy. it connected to obdkey on com40. i downloaded an eval version of some software but it only went up to like com16 or something so i fired up the hyper terminal. connected to com40. atz and obdkey said ok, 0100 and got no data - but my car was off and in the garage below me. started the car and then i got data. ran a few other commands to get some data. i tried to run racechrono but it couldn't see the obdkey. disconnected hyperterm and it didn't see it, disconnected the bluetooth pairing and then it seemed opened up and that racechrono could see it. i ran racechrono but it said it could not get any data from obdkey. i believe i still have just rpm on high priority and throttle % on the secondary. thoughts? obdkey via hyperterm log below:

    OBDKey 1.10k

    BUS INIT ...OK
    41 00 BE 3F A8 11
    7F 10 11
    41 00 BE 3F A8 11
    41 10 02 C1
    41 11 29
    41 00 BE 3F A8 11
    41 00 BE 3F A8 11
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    Thank you for debugging!

    The OBDkey seems to work just fine. Can you send me (to tracks(at) the NMEA file for a such session (\RaceChrono\Sessions\*-nmea.txt under your selected storage) where you get "No data from OBD", so I can do some checks? Is the blue led still blinking while you get that error?

    In order to fix this, I may need to build you a special version with more data, But I can't do it before next week, since I'm off to Nokia event in Monaco. I hope you can wait a bit with this.
  • sure, i will get you this some time tonight. thanks!
  • here you go, let me know what you think. hope the event is fun! all session files are in your mailbox.
  • sickmint79 you should have gotten a software CD with the OBDkey you can check with that if OBDkey is working too let me know if you didn't get it I can make a copy and mail you one or upload it to my FTP.
  • I am having problem with OBDKey that I just purchased. I was able to pair with my laptop and have the OBDKey software running and pulling data from OBDKey.

    The problem is with running Racechrono v1.1 on N78 and N95. It connects to OBDKey fine, but RaceChrono is saying "no data from OBD"? I tried pausing, unplugging obdkey and resuming session, still no help. Can anyone give me some poiners of what I should try next?

    Vehicle is a 04 Mazda RX-8.


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    Apex2Apex: Can you submit me the NMEA log as well? Can you send me it from a session where you keep the OBD-II connection up for at least 15 minutes (do not mind the "No data" message). Please check instructions earlier in this thread.

    It could be something is slightly changed in OBDKey and I need to fix the support. After I get back from France where I am now, I will probably make you a new build which will do debug logging, so I can see what is really wrong.
  • Same problem with Apex2Apex here. 2007 Mazda MX-5, Racechrono v.1.1, Nokia E71. I will submit the NMEA as well.
  • Hey guys,

    It's working fine for me now! I didn't know you can go left and right at the live timer screen! (doh dumb me).

    Although racechrono shows no data from obd when you first connected to the OBDKEY. But switching to live timer and cycle through all the data by going right shows data is pulling from OBDKEY just fine.

    2004 Mazda RX-8, Racechronon V1.1 and Nokia N78.

  • Apex2Apex: Can you send me the NMEA data anyways? Even though it seems minor problem now, but I need to fix it :)
  • Hi,
    Let me know if you need any help on the OBDKey side of things.
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    sickmint79: I've just read your NMEA log, and according to it you are receiving OBD-II data after 25 seconds. It could be that there is a bug which leaves the "No data from OBD-II" to the screen. Please check the gauges in the Live Timer view (toggle to the Classic mode, and then left/right to switch the gauges) if there is actually data coming.

    papdoc: Yes please send the NMEA data. I need to know if everybody are having same problem :)
  • thanks, good to hear!

    question, any problems if i leave obdkey plugged in all the time and never take it out of my car?
  • Sickmint79: On some cars you need to replug it time to time. There's such reports for Mazda RX-8 and VW Jetta 2008. But if it seems to work after few days, then no. Other than maybe higher idle power consumption, which may eat your battery charge :)
  • OK, I have now logs from all reporting this problem. It is just an erroneous error message that is displayed. OBD-II connection it self is working just fine.

    Thanks for all.
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