Racechrono + Dual XGPS 160. Issue on accurancy

Hi all,
I' running RaceChrono Pro V5.4.6 with XGPS 160 with firmare 1.5.1.
I've alwayd had problems with gps accurancy when turning. In particular speed and position are quite wrong.
Here an example
Blue line: GPS speed. 110.8
Green Line: speed from OBD 162. Not the most accurate source but is in line with my expected spped in there
pink line: Coordinates accurancy 0.79 DOP (To be honest not sure what this parameter is).
I've tried firmware 2.5.4 on the antenna with no changes.
The antenna is recording at 10 hz. On straigh line no issues.
Any idea??


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    Yeah, clearly some issues there. RaceChrono records what ever data the GPS reports, and in this case the data seems to be off by quite a bit. Where do you have to GPS mounted? Maybe find another location for it.
  • Antenna is mounted next to the windscreen.
    From the log I see from 14 to 18 satellites.
    You can see the antenna position from my video. Any advice on alternative position??
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    Maybe try different part of the windshield, or outside just to test if it's any better there. I know it's already a bit desperate, but I've rarely seen that big error in the speed. We used XGPS160 in our team's BMW 235i Racing on Nürburgring north loop, without any issues with the speed data, so I think it should be able to handle this... Maybe the windshield is filtering out the signal too much, or maybe there's some radio disturbance near the current position?

    That said in my experience Garmin GLO (currently GLO 2) is more accurate, but I can recommend that receiver only for Android phones, as on iOS it cannot be connected directly, and therefore will get only 3-4 Hz...
  • comparing my xgps 160 to garmin from friends, xgps seems more accurate. At least on android
  • @Baron was this solved?
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