monitoring of brake pressure

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Modern cars, for example my BMW F22, can give brake pressure by OBD-II like other sensors (and I can see it in other iOS soft like BimmerLink). It's very important information for improve driving, even more than throttle position. As I understood, now RaceChrono doesn't read this sensor.

May be RaceChrono team can add this sensor?


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    There will be custom OBD-II PIDs feature in the next version. You may be able to get brake pressure through that. You'll need to know the PID and formula for this data on your car. Usually best place to search for this stuff is in brand specific forums.
  • Hi when will this custom PID version be available (roughly). Thanks.
  • Soon in beta testing.
  • Coming back to the brakes in F22/F87 BMWs: I am presented with a brake pressure value in some pre-configured apps, like the BMW-specific OBD Maven. Yet I struggle to find the correct PID and parameters on the Internet, so I could record it using RaceChrono.

    Can someone help out with brake pedal position (BPP), brake on/off (BOO) or brake pressure?

  • Does anyone have an update on this?

    Meanwhile, we have these cool custom OBD and CAN channels in RaceChrono, yet the most interesting data seems still to remain elusive.

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    This is exactly what the custom OBD-II and CAN-Bus channels do. You "just" need to know the vehicle details in order to be able to configure them.
  • Yes, I suppose I should have been more specific: My inquiry was about the actual CAN bus IDs/parameters themselves, to decode data points like brake pressure and steering angle.

    I know some apps can do that (e.g., OBD.Maven has brake pressure), however I couldn't find the CAN IDs myself anywhere so far. In the end, I was hoping some petrolhead amongst us would have figured out something about the BMW M2 - as it's fairly popular these days.
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    Yep, those brand specific apps have everything needed hard coded. My app supports all vehicles to it's impossible to do without a lot of money and employees :)
  • @shg Your best bet is searching/asking on forms that specialize on your car.
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