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Im getting old and usually when im start to drive im a little bit stressed ill guess, i also change my glasses for sunglasses and close reading is harder. I have several times missed to manage push recordbutton for video (gloves is hard sometimes)
I would really appreciate if its was possible to confirm with some kind of big text on the screen that the recording is started.

But i just just loooooove RC <3 thanks for a great product!



  • another solution would be if i could enable in settings to start record video when i start the session. That would work for me!
  • a second solution could be that in settings allow video to resume when you resume a session that included video earlier or such.

    Ill guess there are smarter people that have better solutions than me :-)
  • Thank you for the feedback! I think there should be a setting to start video when the car start moving.
  • Ok sounds great. Im looking around but cant find that setting. Could you please guide me?

  • Sorry for not expressing my self clearly enough! I meant that I should create such feature, because it feels important, and there isn't one yet.
  • yes or another easyer thing, maybe a BEEP sound when u start recording, just to ensure its started
  • i'd personally prefer an auto-start recording feature in the future. i missed all but the last session on my most recent trackday. i connected to my gopro4 but didnt actually press record!
  • Any news on when video auto-start is likely to be added? As a new user I just know I'm going to forget to start the video when I start a session.
  • Hello,
    Yes, I would also appreciate an auto-start feature- probably at about 4-6 MPH (6-9 KPH). Otherwise, I need to start recording right away, and you may have several minutes of video with no speed, when you are waiting in the Grid before driving onto the track. 4 A MPH start speed means you can move forward slowly when getting setup for the start.
    OH- and a LONG beep is better, so you can hear it! Racing engines make a short beep hard to hear.
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    I was thinking of the auto start for RaceChrono. Other apps I tried use a detected speed to start the recording, like 10-15KPH (so you can adjust the start position. You could also use a delay time that you select when you select a track layout, such as 30 seconds, so you could put on gloves or sunglasses.

    For others that use gloves, I would just suggest buying a stylus (from the$1 store) to press the record button.
  • Speed trigger to start video recording is on my TO-DO. Not sure if it will work reliably for GoPro's, but at least for internal cameras it's doable.
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