Link ECU (Aftermarket ECU) compatibility

Firstly, brilliant app and even better support from what I've read in the forums. Bravo!
I went to the track recently and used a trial of RC Pro and I was extremely impressed - safe to say I'll be purchasing this shortly. I performed a manual import of video (Captured on GoPro HERO) then export with overlay - loved it but did find the manual sync a little tricky on such a tiny screen on my phone.
My question is - I have an aftermarket ECU (Link G4) and I want to overlay some of the data captured by my ECU - these might be factory sensors like TPS for example, or an analog or digital input that's been wiring into the Link ECU expansion slots, e.g. an aftermarket oil pressure sensor. Is this possible and how?
My ECU supports serial protocol (and CAN shortly too) and I have some cabling allowing me to patch my phone (Samsung) directly to the ECU to read run-time data with the RealDash application for example. Would it be possible to have RC running and my phone connected to my ECU to read the data the data that way instead of using my OBDII port? I think my OBDII port is invalid now that I run an aftermarket ECU.
Thanks for an awesome app


  • aolaol
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    If your ECU does not support OBD-II, then your only option is to build a DIY device to interface with the ECU and send the data to RaceChrono. Currently the only way has been using RC2/RC3 sentences over Bluetooth RFCOMM. Next version will have another way, and I will also release build instructions with source code for getting the data from CAN-Bus.
  • We use Linkecu Atom with RC via Bluetooth obd dongle, as you can wire an Obd2 port to the can-bus of linkecu.

    Not sure however if G4 Is supported, or was it from G4+ onwards.

  • This is my understanding too, and my next planned upgrade :)
    G4 can be sent away for a free hardware upgrade i.e. adding the CANBus port to the board - I'm looking forward to doing this and getting RC working wirelessly.
  • The Atom doesn't have the dedicated can-bus port on it either. It has the can-bus on the wiring loom connector, doesn't the G4 have it? We've just wired the other end of a obd2 extension cable to the wiring loom connector.

  • For model numbers less than 10000 the G4 doesn't have it, but they can be retrofitted by Link for free
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