NMEA-Import no loger possible?

i was using the function to import NMEA-Data from my Logger Qstarz BT-Q1000x for motocross laptiming. The last version of the free Android-version crashed when trying to select the NMEA-import from the import directory.
Now i tried the new beta-version v6.00, and it demands to switch to the pro-version of v6.00.
Before i spend the money, i want to be sure that this import works for me. Can you confirm this?


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    To be precise there was no "NMEA import" earlier, it was just a debug device that had NMEA file as input.

    The old "NMEA file device" functionality has been moved under "RaceChrono DIY" device (under other devices). It requires "Devices pack" or Pro to work. It allows multiple different protocol and connection type combinations, so it seemed sensible to move everything like this there.

    There is a completely new import facility (main screen menus) which requires Pro to work. Compared to using the old "NMEA file device", this is much faster import, takes just seconds to import one log file.

    Both features use the same NMEA parser as before, so I don't think there's any new issues with that. And I'll fix bugs if there can be found one.
  • Thank you,
    just upgraded to the pro-version and installed the beta. The import works flawlessly . Is the import function new in v6.00 or was it implemented in the last official version?
  • Just a question can I use a GPS logger on my motocross bike and after the run download and analize the laps on racechrono?

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    @Barta167 Yes, depending which GPS you're using. Current version can import your NMEA 0183 (.nmea), GoPro (data embedded to .mp4 videos) and Garmin (.fit) files, and the upcoming v6.4.0 can also import VBOX (.vbo) files.
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