Process dies while attempting to export overlaid video.

Hi, I have a Race Chrono session that I recorded with an Action Cam, successfully synced it.
The export process gets to the queue, I press start and a few seconds later it says its died.
I have a Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016). I downloaded and installed a video editor (Inshot) for good measure to esure I have an up to date MP4 reader.
Ideas welcomed.


  • Can you share me the session (as .rcz share), and the raw video files that are linked to your session (as they are directly from the camera). Share them as links to tracks(at) It might be there's something special about these video files and the export crashes. I'll have to test and find out.

    The video editor does nothing, as RaceChrono can access only the mp4 parser and codecs in the Android and the phone hardware.
  • Hi. Thanks for your prompt response. I don't want to seem ignorant but how exactly do I share these items?
    eg "Share them as links to tracks(at)"
    Is that a page on this site or an email address?
    Where is the session saved as an .rcz share.
    Sorry if these are noob questions.
  • Here's more detail on sharing the files I need to investigate this:

    1) Session: Please use "Share" menu option on top your session's overview screen, and share the resulting *.rcz file as attachment via email to tracks(at) . Please replace (at) with @, it's just spam filter.

    2) Video files: I need the video files that you linked to your session. You can probably find them in your camera's memory card. The file names of the linked files are listed in your session's video list screen. Please upload the files to Google Drive or DropBox, and share links to them. Email the links to the address in previous point.
  • Ok understand, will do.

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    @David_OReilly, Oh I forgot one thing you can try: When you configure the export, press "Show more..." at the bottom. Then _uncheck_ the "Use hardware acceleration" checkbox. Try if it works then. This makes the export much slower, but usually works when the hardware fails to encode (due to too high resolution etc).
  • That last tip worked.


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    OK. I think you're exporting too large resolution, for the hardware to handle. The rule of thumb is that usually a phone can handle as large resolution as it can record video. So in your case 720p, as the J3 (2016) is quite old. Any larger video resolution and the export might fail.
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