Resolve external cam file name before disconnect?

Question: Is there a way for the program to resolve the file name(s) for the external cam video files before a session is ended and camera is automatically disconnected? In particular I am using a GoPro Hero5 Black if that matters.

For big files, I like to copy over the external video files via usb 3.0 card reader vs using Wifi... it is only 2.4ghz wifi so the speed is not great.

In this scenario, even after I copy over the video files, a session won't know the file names it's looking for, so they won't automatically sync up. If I manually associate the video files, I am pretty sure it doesn't know the correct timestamp so the sync is off. And it adds to "after" the "unknown file". If I quickly connected to the camera (no file transfer), the app "figures out" the file names and the already copied over files now work.

Basically the annoyance is that I have to manually connect the camera for each session, to recognize the files, after I copy the files over.

Is there a way the app can do this file name resolving before the session is ended, so this USB / manual video xfer method is a little more efficient? Pics below for example.


After session:
Video files transferred, not yet connected to camera post-session:
Camera connected, file name resolved:


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    Currently there's no way. In theory it could download the file list when user ends the session. Ending the session would take maybe 10 seconds longer. And it won't work if the camera is already shut down at that point (manually or automatically due to battery). Also it would not work at all when using the Bluetooth connection. Would it still be useful even if it didn't always work?
  • Apologizes for the delayed response.

    Thanks for the reply and explanation of what's going on behind the scenes... sounds like what I am asking isn't possible.

    I actually use bluetooth so sounds like it won't work for me either way. I figured bluetooth saves battery and works just fine as a start/stop mechanism.

    If majority of guys use wifi to xfer video files then it probably would not be a very useful feature I guess.

  • Yep, it wouldn't be possible in your case. With the Bluetooth connection, the Wi-Fi connection is used in parallel only when the camera preview is visible. And it is switched off when recording starts (Wi-Fi disconnected). So in order to download the file list, re-connnecting Wi-Fi would be needed, and it might slow down the session end a lot.
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