Remote control or resume session automatically when entering the track?

I use RaceChrono with motorcycle and use it to also remote control the GoPro.

Since it's basically impossible to control it with racing gloves on, I have to resume the RaceChrono session and start recording video when I'm still setting up and may have to wait for my turn to enter the track at the gate if there's a lot of other riders before me.

This can result in several minutes of useless data and video before I enter the actual track. F.ex. 10 minutes of useless data, followed by up to 20 minutes of actual driving.

It would be nice if RaceChrono would connect to external GPS and GoPro and have everything ready, but not start the actual data logging nor video recording before some of the following criteria are met:

- Rider enters the actual track
- Rider passes any of the traps on the track
- Rider completes the warm-up lap
- Rider speed is over some threshold
- Rider acceleration is over some threshold
- Rider presses some remote control button that's more convenient with racing gloves on

Pretty much any of the above would work for me. What do you think?

At least it would be nice to easily discard this data afterwards. If I for example open a whole session resume for analysis, I have to scroll over a whole lot of useless data in the very beginning.
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