I have installed version 0.25 in my n95.
Pitty that version 0.25 does not seem to recognise the on board GPS, so I had to use a Nokia external bluetooth GPS device (LD-3W) instead.
The LD-3W works well with n95 as well as version 0.25 after testing in the streets of Hong Kong albeit too much GPS signal interference due to high rise blocks in Hong Kong.
I will be testing this set up again in Zhuhai Race Track in China sometimes next week and shall report the result once avaliable.
By the way, does anyone know how to display lap times on board instantly after every passes of the start/finishing line?



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    No N95 onboard GPS is not supported. Zhuhai is a great race track (seen it only in TV)! Please send us the track profile when you have generated it! :)

    Switch to the "Live Timer" to see the lap times instantly. It's the black background screen with the blue top with a "Waiting text" at start. Also notice that there's a good documentation how to create a track profile in our online documentation, and you load it from our download page.

    I hope you like RaceChrono!
  • Thanks a lot.

    I will send you track profit once avaliable.

    I like RaceChrono very much !!!
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