Importing from Gopro - Links and list of available videos out of sync

First I must say the integration with an external Gopro camera is super! Just connect and download videos with a few clicks and RC does all the rest. But I did come across this problem:

I recorded a session. During this session I started and stopped video recording three times. So I have three video files in the camera and in RC three links (place holders) where I can press "download". Or should have. RC missed that the second video existed on the camera and links to the videos are like this:

RC video place holder #1 -> Video available in the camera #1
RC video place holder #2 -> Video available in the camera #3 (!)
RC video place holder #3 -> no video found, displaying: "unknown name"

Screenshots of the video import page:

What are the manual steps to fix this, to get the correct videos linked?

Is there any way to prevent this? Is it because some of the videos are a bit short (around a minute long only)?



  • A: Fix by syncing the video file manually (or using the automatic synchronisation by GPS data). All is explained here:

    B: This can happen in multiple reasons, so hard to tell how to avoid it completely. Usually it's harmless to synchronise manually when this happens.
  • Thanks for the link!
  • The GPS auto sync worked VERY nice!

    Some feedback:

    The video file #3 that was erroneously linked as session video #2 didn't have a GPS sync icon to correct it's wrong sync (due to already being linked I guess... but in the wrong place time wise). But I unlinked it and then went to the same file on the sd card and clicked on the video and there the GPS sync icon was available. Hey presto! All done. Not an 100% obvious workaround though.

    I have previously manually synced some videos to fine tune sync so I knew about that part. But I didn't know how to add more videos. This was 100% due to (not reading the page you linked to) and that the drop down menu on all non linked videos available on the sd card only has the option to add as "linked after" but NOT the main link/add function that you get to by just simply clicking on the video itself. Now when I know this it's obvious but I would have understood it myself if the drop down also contained the option "Add to this session" doing the exact same thing as clicking on the video. No manual would have been needed :smiley:

    Thanks again, SUPER app. And super support!!

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    Thank you for the feedback! I agree there's room for improvement in the UX. Sometimes (or too often) the UX is compromised by the internal workings of the app, meaning lazy developer :)
  • Does RC default to GPS sync when having already linked files in a session that are imported from an external Gopro? It seems maybe(?) not because the GPS sync seems much more precise than the normal automatic sync with Gopro videos? Seems the best work flow is to delete all linked files, then re-add them and then use GPS sync. Since I don't have the option to use GPS sync (but only manually changing sync) with already linked video files?
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    The sync points created with the "GoPro remote control" feature just times the "Start recording" button presses, and creates the sync points based on that. Variable camera delay plays factor here, so it's not that accurate, but at least it works with GoPro's without GPS capability or GPS signal. This is "old code".

    The 'Automatic synchronisation' feature will look at the video file itself, and tries to determine the first GPS timestamp. Naturally this works more accurately, but works only if there's valid GPS data on the file. This is "new code".

    The two features are completely independent. In the future I will invest more on the "new code" feature, as creating a remote control support requires me to purchase and test each supported camera (and maybe reverse engineer too). But for the "new code" feature I will need just some sample files.

    Also in the future it might make sense to somehow "combine" the "new code" to the "old code" feature... but no promises.
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