Mercedes PID's Oil Temperature / Transmission Oil

Hello, everybody,

I would like to log the oil temperature of my Mercedes C63 W204 year 2010 from the engine and transmission.
In the display I already have both indications.
I know that I can adjust custom PID. But I can't find any values in the internet.

Has someone already done this with a Mercedes and can provide me with these values or explain to me how I can use them?

Thanks a lot!


  • I found a listing of all PID's from Mercedes:
    Will this help? Can someone explain me how I set up the trans and engine oil temperature with that?

    Thank you guys.

    Greetings from Germany
  • Unfortunately that list alone does not help. You'd need at least the PID numbers for each of these, they are minimum 4, probably 6 or more hexadecimal digits each. Most helpful wold be to have PID numbers and equations.
  • Hello,

    so I bought a old android phone and torque pro.

    With torque, there is one option that works with the Trans Oil to 100% right.

    There is also another trans oil option, but it seems like, if that will be the engine oil. Not 100% right. The engine oil PID is sometimes a little bit less and sometimes a little but more as on the real dashboard. Is it possible to fix that?

    Here are the Informations from Torque.
    Transmission Oil Temperature PID that works 100% right for Mercedes W204:

    PID: 2130
    Min. 0.0
    Max. 200.0
    Scaling factor: x1
    Device type: Celsius
    Equation: L-50
    OBD Header: 7E1

    And now Engine Oil Temperature:

    PID: 0105
    Min. 0.0
    Max. 200.0
    Scaling factor: x1
    Device type: Celsius
    Equation: A-40
    OBD Header: TCM

    This PID information is listed at torque as gearbox temperature, but it shows the oil temperature. The problem here is that it does not always show 1:1 the same temperature as in the gauge. Around 90 degrees it is about the same below it shows less, above it shows a little more. Is it possible to change this using the equation from the normal preset engine oil temperature gauge?

    How do I get this information integrated into Racechrono? Can you explain this to someone?

    Thanks a lot! I would like to go to the Nordschleife tomorrow and hope that someone can give me the information today.

  • So, I tried The Engine Oil Temperature with the Equation from the original PID in the Racechrono App and it works perfect!!!

    But, the PID from the Transmission Oil dont work. Racechrono dont know the Equation L-50. What can I use for that ? In torque it works perfect.
  • Okay, the Engine Oil temperature also dont work very well with the original equation from the app.
  • Here's reference on creating the equations:

    The Transmission Oil Temperature is easy. The A in torque refers to byte 0 on the response, and therefore L refers to byte 11.
    PID: 0x2130
    Equation: bytesToUint(raw, 11, 1) - 50.0
    Header: 0x7E1

    The Engine Oil Temperature is harder as I don't know which hexadecimal header the "TCM" refers to in torque. Sounds like Traction Control Module, but then again its engine PID.

    Here's some of the headers used in Fords for example:
    PCM - Powertrain Control Module - 0x7E0
    ABS - Anti Lock Brake System - 0x760
    IPC - Insturment Panel Cluster - 0x720
    PSCM - Power Steering Control Module - 0x730
    RCM - Restraints Control Module - 0x737
  • Thank you very much. I will verify the trans oil temperature it this week. Maybe after that you can use it for your App as a standart for mercedes.

    Oil temperature may be the wrong PID. I will check that.
  • Trans Oil works perfect with your equation! Thank you very very much. I still test the right PID for Oil temperature.
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    @SRG The Engine oil temp PID might still be correct, but the OBD-II header is still unknown. The meaning of "TCM" in the Torque app's header field is unknown to me, but I'm sure it's a three digit hexadecimal value like the ones listed in this thread.
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    @SRG ,@aol curious if the engine oil temp PID was sorted out? Attempting to set this up on another C63. Trans temp appears to be working for me as well.
  • @SRG did you make progress since?
  • Quick bump on this thread. I used the above transmission PID all last season with zero issues. This season it would display the temp then flip to -50° after 20 or 30s. It would occasionally flash the actual temp reading during the session though.
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