Android Phones - Small / Cheap

Hey everyone,
As many others have highlighted it is a shame we can't import files from GPS receivers after activity to the App.

As I want to record data for mountain bike and other similar sports breaking an expensive phone is a big possibility.

Does anyone have recommendations for small sized android phones that are still powerful enough to run the app? I will aim to export the data from the "cheap" phone and upload to the app on my Tablet afterwards for proper analysis and video sync etc...

Any help or experience appreciated.


  • @ZeroPoint1 actually you can already import NMEA 0183, GoPro format, Garmin's FIT format and a few other formats (Main screen > Top menu > Import). I will also add VBO format (VBOX Sport and few others) and Qstarz BL-1000GT format in the near future.
  • Ahh that's good news - I am using a Dual XGPS160 - will you support import of those files in the future? Thanks
  • I looked at XGPS160 in the past, and at least their app own exports only GPX format, which is missing speed information, and therefore not very usable with RaceChrono. That said, I haven't looked at device's internal format.
  • OK, thank you for the information - I think I may purchase a QStars device also so I have the option of import!

    Do you recommend the BL - 1000GT as their best device?

  • Yes, BL-1000GT is the best Qstarz. I will work on the import of its files soon!
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