IMPORTANT: RaceChrono crash on Android due to corrupted map data served by Google on 23/4/2020

Important announcement to Android users! Google broke their Maps SDK by serving corrupted data from their servers, causing RaceChrono and RaceChrono Pro to start crashing (amongst all the other apps using Maps). The problem started crashing about on 23/4/2020 22:00 CET, and the crashes persists for most of the users that used the app around that time. If you're affected by the crashes, please update to v6.3.5, which should be immediately available from Play Store.

If you cannot update for reason or another, you can workaround the issue by 'RaceChrono > Settings > Expert settings > Maps API > Simple, no tiles'.

Please do not try to re-install the app, as this will erase your sessions and tracks data.


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