Merging sessions

I searched and just found out how to do this on Android by hacking the folder structure - "You can currently merge sessions manually, just copy the subsequent sessions under the first one in folders "resume_1", "resume_2" etc. The subsequent session then will appear as resumes in that order."

But is there a way to do this on iOS?


  • @aol Is it possible to export the raw files and the directory then modify from the laptop and import them to RC again?
    How to extract the .rcz on mac?
  • edited August 2021
    Yes, the .rcz file is just a zip file. Use a command line tool "zip" to extract and reassemble. You can join and split sessions by adding and removing "resume_x" folders.
  • @aol awesome. I did another way around before getting your suggestion. To export the sessions from IOS into Android emulator. Then editing it inside the Android emulator terminal. Thanks for the rcz format. That's great information.
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