Autostart video recording?

Yeah I know, it's been asked before, sorry. But I'm helping a racing coaching organizer set up a solution to log data and record video so the coaches can work with the students looking at driving data like speed graphs and so on.

The idea is that each coach has a phone with RC and GPS all mounted on a suction mount they can move between student cars.

The thing is to minimize manual intervention. I'm worried they often will forget to hit the video recording button (and stop)

So, any update on if/when you plan to look at autostart of video recording?

Ps: I've forgot a couple of crucial times too, to start recording ;-)


  • It's (still) on my TO-DO list, but no idea when I get around to it sorry...
  • Thx for info!

    Can Tasker control recording start/stop?
  • I have forgotten to stop the recording myself. No offense, but it's annoying to watch video of the tree in front of your car after you stop driving. :)
    My travel tracking app has a sleep or stop function that detects when the vehicle has stopped for a length of time, like 10 minutes.
  • +1 this would be a killer feature! I realise the stop conditions aren't straightforward (don't want to stop the video after a spin or lining up on the start grid, so would need some 'keep running after stopped time' setting like DonC suggests) I don't mind testing, I have a GoPro Hero 4, the camera control works great!
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    +1 yes please. trackaddict on iOS has this. It’s very useful not to have to tap multiple times to avoid dead time especially when wearing gloves.
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