Ducati - no RPM, throttle position, and lean angle delay,

Hello all. I should probably have taken computer science in school, I'm suffering the technical misunderstanding of some of this stuff. I got an adapter for Ducati's proprietary system to a OBDLink MX+ bluetooth - and the data is seemingly pulling okay. I was able to get G force, Speed, and Lean Angle (not sure if this pulls from my iPhone or from the OBDII bluetooth. For some reason, my lean angle is really lagging (even when video is synced properly) and I cannot get RPM or Throttle position to work. Any advice or tips? I searched around the forum but it's a bit dense for my simple mind.

Running this on my 2012 Ducati Streetfighter 848. Trying to solve before track day next month. 

Current fast channels: Accelerator position, Engine RPMs, Speed, Throttle position

Slow channels: coolant temp, intake temp (standard, didn't touch these)

Any help is much appreciated! (Reposted in general because the iOS portion of the forum seems pretty dead)


  • Sounds like OBD-II is not recording any data. You can see what piece of data each device is recording, for example from the device status screen. When you record data (by pressing the START button), there is a red/blue button on bottom left on the screen. Tap that and you see what channels each device is recording.
  • That was a great tip! The plot thickens...

    indeed it was “waiting for data”... then I checked settings, tried to delete + re-add the OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth (Connected with a Ducati Adapter to get from 16 to 4 prongs)... but I cannot get it to pull any data. It just says waiting for Data.

    I tried to delete it and add it as ‘other device’ also and it shows OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth (CAN-bus) which gave me hope... but that doesn’t work either.

    back to square 1.. at least now I know how to tell where the data is pulling from. Any suggestions? Is it possible what I’m trying to do just isn’t possible via the Ducati adapter to OBD2 Bluetooth?

  • Update: tried a few more things...”test connection” under the vehicle settings picks up the OBDLink MX+. The fast channels I’m trying are Engine RPM, Throttle Position, and Speed. I also tried to toggle on/off the “non-standard OBDII” setting and none of the above works. When I go back to the bottom left of the screen after starting a session to see the inputs, it still says on the OBDII section ‘waiting for data’ and I cannot select anything from either the fast or slow channels via the buttons on the right.
  • Any ideas?

  • Sounds like your bike does not have OBD-II.

    Follow this thread for CAN-Bus instructions: https://racechrono.com/forum/discussion/1911/datalogging-on-bmw-s1000rr-r-2013-2018
  • So that helps me get one step further but on that next thread I still do not understand where the bike will feed info back that I can see on the RaceChrono app. I have the same issue the guy has where on ‘test connection’ you get 0.1kb/s or whatever reading there but it says waiting for data.

    I’m not clear on how to see any info the bike might be relating back to the app so I can try and play with the coding (or ask for your help). Is there anything I can show you that can help me get coding for Throttle Position and Engine RPM?

    A few other quick questions - back on my vehicle profile screen after expert settings is on, should ‘Non-Standard OBD-II’ be on or off? Should ‘Default Protocol’ be Automatic still?

    Is there info need from my own bike to feed back so I can know more or less how to make the code for individual CAN-Bus channels? I think my only thing needed is to make both channels with the proper coding for Ducati (another major challenge for me) and I’m still stuck on ‘waiting for data’ when I start a session, so I’m not sure if that’s because I don’t have any proper CAN-Bus channels with proper coding, or if I’m missing a step.

  • Looking to see if there’s any info I can get the bike to relay back to me so I can code for those 4 things. Still looking for someone detailed and patient to help here

  • @Fyve I'd love to help, but I'm afraid you're stuck until you find out more of your bike's bus.

    As your bike does not support OBD-II (which would be easy), your best only option is to use CAN-Bus (which is pretty difficult).

    Before you can do anything with RaceChrono, you'll need to find out if your bike really has a CAN-Bus. It does not necessarily have it.

    If it has, you'll need to find out which PIDs (Packet IDs) your bike is broadcasting on the bus, and how the packets are encoded. This is all proprietary stuff that is different on almost very bike, and does not magically solve by fiddling with the settings in the vehicle profile. The packets can be reverse engineered (hacker skills needed) or you could find a document with the packets already reverse engineered.

    Only after you have that information, I could guide you on how to set it up on RaceChrono.

  • I see. Thank you for your reply. This is unfortunate! I’m relatively sure the bike has CAN-bus because it’s a 2012 Ducati and someone managed to reverse engineer for a 2012 HyperMotard if I recall correctly. Should be the same system. I wonder if the outputs are the same... how do I find out what the bike outputs are? I mean what physically reads and tells you the outputs? The Bluetooth OBD2 scanner? (Plugged through a can-bus adapter from Ducati) I can probably do the coding if I can just find what the bike is putting out to me but I guess hacker skills needed... not my thing.

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