Dual SkyPro GPS App as mock GPS?

If you have a Dual GPS 150 or 160, apparently you can use the SkyPro status app (also from Dual) as a mock gps app. Since RC can connect o the Dual 150 directly, why bother with a mock GPS app?
Maybe if someone had a good explanation of what a "mock GPS" is, and why you might use it would explain everything. I haven't read anything that makes sense.
I have been using Bluetooth GPS as a mock GPS app.


  • RaceChrono does not need (or want) any mock GPS app, not the SkyPro app nor the "Bluetooth GPS" app. My advice is always to uninstall them :)
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    I understand RC has the ability to connect directly with the Dual GPS 150.160, but I don't know why you would need a mocks GPS provider for the less applications that are not as good as RC.Only my navigation app (Copilot GPS) cannot connect to a receiver the way RC does, so it needs the mock GPS provider, and it sometimes loses the connection- RaceChrono do not. :smile:
    Even though I have 2 Dual 150 units, RC makes it easy to connect! The others need the many steps to start BT, connect, "enable Mock GPS locations" then go back to re-start the navigation.
  • OK. I cannot comment on other apps. Just making sure people will not use "mock GPS" or apps like "Bluetooth GPS" with RaceChrono!
  • I would recommend using the Dual SkyPro mock GPS app only if you are using the Dual 150/160 for ordinary applications, such as navigation, which is usually setup for the internal GPS system, operating at 1 Hz.
    RC is capable of 5Hz operation, and can even setup the 150, so you don't need the SkyPro app for that at all.
  • Supoport for the DUAL GPS receivers was added after I asked the question, and other applications have since added support as well.
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