Read/record battery voltage

Hi there,

Does anyone have advice on how to read/record the battery/system voltage on a 2009-2012 Daytona 675?

I have tried enabling the "ECU voltage" channel using the default OBD-II settings (automatic default protocol, no changes to initialisation comands of default OBD-II header) but with no luck. The only data RaceChrono seems to be able to poll/record are engine rpm, speed, throttle position, coolant temperature, intake temperature, manifold pressure, and vehicle standards.

Despite not being able to see the battery voltage in RaceChrono, I know the data is there, as TuneECU is able to read the battery voltage using the same bluetooth OBD-II dongle.

Being able to record the battery voltage is important to me as I am having an intermittent charging issue and I want to be able to be able to better identify when it is occurring while out on track (hopefully no more cooked batteries or ECUs...)



  • I've tested the standard "ECU voltage" OBD-II PID on my car and it still works just fine. I think that your bike just does not support it. But I guess it's worth checking you're running the latest RaceChrono (v6.4.1/v6.4.2) as it has some OBD-II fixes.

    TuneECU app goes much beyond standard OBD-II functionality, as it does all sorts of things like remapping the ECU. The value might be (and probably is) available through a custom PID that can be added to RaceChrono, but you'd need to know the details on how to poll it...
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