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Just started using RC on a iPone XS Max with 256 GB in a 2020 BMW M2 using a Kiwi3. I am struggling to figure out how to do lap comparisons. I just went to a local parking lot and recorded two laps in one session with a different starting line and finish line to compare to doing an autocross. Autocross will be my main use for RC. One lap was slower than the other. I want to learn how to set up the analysis for lap comparison. I can not figure it out at the moment. Where and how do I make the selection of options to get a lap comparison? Is there documentation somewhere that will explain it to me? In Sessions do you select the lap that was the slowest and Compare to Best or select the fastest lap and select Compare to This? Also, what do the six colored buttons at the top function as? As you can see I am getting myself confused. Help!


  • When you tap the lap time in lap list, you get an analysis for that lap. On top toolbar you see two lap times. Left one chooses the "primary" lap and the right one chooses the "comparison" lap. Once they are selected to be different, you can proceed comparing the two.
  • Thanks for the quick response. This gets me to analyze the laps sequentially but I would like to be able to analyze the laps as an overlay, one over the other. The example for this is video by ckrampert racing. They show the runs on what looks like an Autocross course. The ckrampert racing RC Analysis menu also shows comparison graph selection options. How do you do the overlay for lap comparison like in this video? It is probably somewhere in your instructions but I seem to be missing it.
  • I think I have figured it out. Select the lap you want to compare to, then select any lap to compare to, then select a number in that lap row and the comparison will pop up in the next screen. I may not have it exactly right but something like that.
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    It's done exactly like I said in my previous message... :)

    Just open any lap by clicking the lap time (on the lap list). This opens analysis screen. Then you can select/change the laps from the top toolbar. Left selects "primary" and right selects "comparison" lap. The two laps are then overlaid on the graph and on the map.

    The support section of the website has quite a few tutorials about creating videos.
  • Hi, there is a way to compare 2 laps and see where I´m getting faster ?, I meen when I saw the 2 "red arrows" starts and end at the same time, even when one of the laps is faster than the other, I´m sorry for my english, I hope you get the idea.
  • @csimpsonm The arrows don't move as the comparison lap is scaled to match the primary lap. Enable "Time delta" channel from graph settings, and you'll see where you lose or win time.
  • @aol great thanks!
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