Disable Dual5 Hz Updates?

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Is it possible to disable the 5 Hz update rates on the Dual 150?
I looked at the tracking graph for a recent navigation log, and the track was not very smooth on the motorway, and it even jumped around when driving around a turn. I think there may be times when the 5 updates-per-second are not needed, like when driving (slowly) on normal city streets. But obviously, when you are traveling at 250 KPH in an airplane, using the Dual 150 for navigation, 5Hz will get you accurate positioning for a safe landing.


  • There's not way to set it 1 Hz in RaceChrono, as it always sets it 5 Hz when connected. And I don't see the accuracy being improved by setting it to 1 Hz.

    If you want to use it 1 Hz with other apps, you may use the Dual app to configure it.
  • Yes, the Dual SkyPro app Setup screen has buttons to select 1Hz or 5 Hz "streaming rate"
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    Yes, the Dual SkyPro app (Setup screen) has buttons to select 1Hz or 5 Hz "streaming rate" but be careful only one button us selected! Then you need to restart the SkyPro app to restart the GPS receiver.
    But it's very interesting t see (10!) lines of data treaming to the screen (using another GPS status app.)
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