Missing ability to configure OBD2 channels

I haven't used RaceChrono (upgraded version) in about a year, but I recall being able to select the OBD2 channels I wanted to record, and the rate they were sampled. I tried using it today and can't for the life of me find where to do that now. Version 6.4.1 is installed on my phone. From the main screen (big red start button), when I go to settings, I have my OBDLink MX+ selected, but beyond that, I can't see any way to configure it. Strangely enough, when I review one of the sessions I recorded today, if I go to a lap and select settings, there are 5 OBD2 reader channels available (Coolant Temp, Engine RPM, Intake Temp, Speed and Throttle Position), and it has recorded data for those channels. IIRC, those were what I selected the last time I used the app, but like I said, I can't figure out how to do that now.

I've searched around the Racechrono website, looking at all the FAQ's and tutorials, I've looked through this forum and elsewhere on-line and can't find any useful information. Either I'm blind or there's something missing. Any help is appreciated!



  • They are under "RaceChrono > Settings > Vehicle profile" screen.
  • D'oh! Never thought to look there. I was assuming it would be associated with the OBD2 device selection. But it does make sense that it would be associated with the vehicle, since you may want vehicle specific configuration.

    Still frustrating though that this is not described anywhere that I can find on the Racechrono support page. The quick start guide tells you how to get into the settings menu but tells you nothing beyond that. I did stumble upon an older Racechrono manual that describes how to configure the OBD2 channels, but haven't been able to find it again. Seems they expect you to stumble around and hopefully just figure it out on your own.
  • I understand the frustration. Unfortunately if I wanted everything to be documented, I'd have to hire a full time person to do that, and it's not really possible, given how niche market this is. Instead I try to document only specific scenarios, and try to make rest of the app easy enough for users to figure it out. Needless to say this approach does not always work. I'll try to do better!
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    I got confused looking for this at some time too hehe. I also stumbled on clicking the green (or red) up arrow at the lower left corner during timing/logging and found the option to choose fast and slow channels there.

    Anyhow, why not add a simple pop-up text message when clicking the odb reader under Settings, with the hint to go to car settings? 🙂

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