Editing data overlay on the export screen - "No video available"

If I go to the export screen and choose "Overlaid video (.mp4)" and then choose "Show more" I can choose which one of the three video overlays I want to use. But if I click the "gear icon" and want to edit an overlay it always says "No video available" and the layout isn't showing the chosen data items correctly either.

Am I doing something the wrong way?


  • I assume this is v7.0 beta feedback. I will test and fix the issue hopefully for the next build.
  • It is the beta but I do think I've had this with earlier versions.


    I'm using a Gopro H7B and the videos are imported over wifi, stored locally.

    The phone (Huawei P30 pro) has a memory card and the videos are stored at "external storage"

  • @MagnusThome you're right, this has been broken quite a while. Will be fixed in v7.0.2 beta (didn't make it to v7.0.1)
  • Yaay 👍 Works perfectly in 7.0.2 beta

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